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Apr 17, 2018

Pure product is white odorless solid, m.p.185~188°C, vapor pressure 1.733×10-3Pa (20°C). The solubilities were: dichloromethane 11720 mg/L, acetonitrile 5380 mg/L, xylene 280 mg/L, ethyl acetate 1660 mg/L, acetone 1380 mg/L, methanol 990 mg/L, hexane 3.1 mg/L, water 1200 mg/L. The distribution coefficient is 4.1. Stable in slightly alkaline (pH=8) aqueous solution, slowly decomposed in acidic solution. At pH 5, the half-life was 11 days, and at pH 7 it was 143 days. The original drug is slightly light yellow.

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