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Applicaation Of Sethoxydim TC
Apr 12, 2018

The highly selective inner-conveying stem and leaf treatment agent can be quickly absorbed by the stems and leaves of grass weeds, and transmitted to the apical and internode meristem, causing cell division and destruction to death. Can be used for soybeans, cotton, rapeseed, peanuts, potatoes, beets, sunflowers, flax and other crops and orchards, control valerian, wild oats, Setaria, aunt, crabgrass, goosegrass, etc., are not effective against broad-leaved weeds. For the control of weeds in soybeans and cotton, water is sprayed with 20% EC at 10-20 mL/100m2 and 12.8-15 mL/100 m2, or with 12.5% engine oil EC at 10-15 mL/100 m2.