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Production Technology Of Compound Fertilizer
Aug 21, 2017

The common granulation process of compound fertilizer is: rotating drum granulation, disk granulation, spraying granulation, high tower granulation and so on.

High-concentration nitro compound fertilizer was produced by rotating granulation process in the molten body of tall tower. The technique is to spray the nitrate-phosphorus-potassium melts from the top of the Granulation tower, and to form particles in the cooling side during the descent process, which is also called the Molten Granulation method, which has the following advantages in producing compound fertilizer using high tower molten granulation method in ammonium nitrate production enterprises: one is the direct use of ammonium nitrate concentrated solution, eliminating the spray granulation process of ammonium nitrate concentrated solution, as well as solid ammonium nitrate compound fertilizer when the crushing operation, simplifying the production process and ensure production safety. The second is that the melt spinning granulation process makes full use of the thermal energy of ammonium nitrate concentrated solution, and the moisture content of the material is very low without drying process, which can save energy greatly. Third, can produce high nitrogen, high concentration of compound fertilizer, product particle surface smooth rounded, the percent rate is very high, not easy to caking, easy to dissolve, this from the production technology to ensure that products in terms of quality and cost has a strong competitive advantage.