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Application of Imazethapyr
Apr 30, 2018

The dosage of this product is 100-134 g/mu, using soil spray or stem leaf spray.

1. Application period: pre-sowing soil treatment or early seedling (soybean real leaf - 2 out of compound leaf, weed 2-4 leaf) spray treatment

2. Water consumption: 300-450 kg/ha (20-30kg/mu), and water consumption should be increased during drought

3. Application in spring soybean field only in northeast China

●For crops: Soybean field etc.

●Control object: Edible amaranth,smartweed,goosefoots,nightshade,abutilon,Siberian cocklebur,barnyard grass,green bristlegrass,crab grass,millet and dicotyledon weeds.

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