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Main application of Bentazone
May 01, 2018

Contact herbicides. Prevention of winter and spring cereal crops Tianzhong chamomile, Maternaria, pearl chrysanthemum, swine fever, European rice leeks and clams. This product can also be used as soy, corn, pea, rice field weeding, such as ramie, leeks, shovel, thornless Datura, sunflower, genus, purslane, ragweed, Xanthium, Ganoderma lucidum, heterophylla, melon, grass, firefly, etc.

Available dosage forms: 95% TECH, 56%SL(w/v), 48%SL(w/v)

Bendazosone + dimethyl tetrachloro compound, Benzonsone + acifluorfen compound, Bendazon + fomesafen compound

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