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Characteristics of compound Fertilizer
Aug 21, 2017

The soil nutrient was measured by using the soil test formula in the compound fertilizer production. Based on soil test and fertilizer field test, the application quantity, fertilization period and application method of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, medium and trace element fertilizer were put forward based on the law of crop requirement fertilizer, soil feed fertilizer performance and fertilizer effect. In layman's terms, it is a scientific application of formula fertilizer under the guidance of agricultural scientific and technical personnel. The core of soil-testing formula fertilization is to adjust and solve the contradiction between crop fertilizer and soil fertility. At the same time, targeted to supplement the nutrients required by the crop, what elements are needed to supplement what, how much, to achieve a balanced supply of nutrients, to meet the needs of crops, to improve fertilizer utilization and reduce consumption, improve crop yield, improve agricultural quality, save labor, reduce the cost of income.

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