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The goal of high-yielding project of super hybrid Rice three production four in Changsha
Jan 26, 2018

2017 Super hybrid rice high-yielding research and "three production four" High-yield project working conference held in Changsha. The situation of super rice high yield tackling and demonstration promotion was released at the meeting. Shong, vice governor of Hunan Province, requires multiple departments and multi-level collaborative innovation to grasp and grasp the results of high production and demonstration promotion. China Academy of Engineering academician Yuan Longping, Zou School attended.

In the field of high production, Yuan Longping's innovation team set up 31 Super hybrid rice production and demonstration points in 13 provinces (cities and autonomous regions) in Yunnan, Hunan and other areas. Through the implementation of the "four good" matching technology of "good seed + fertile land + good law + good state", the group obtained high yield record of rice in the world and a high yield record of the world one season plus ratooning plant in 2017, when the middle rice was subjected to natural disasters such as abnormally high temperature In the same ecological zones for 4 consecutive years hundred acres of thousands of kilograms per mu, such as a number of good results.

After 11 years of efforts, academician Yuan Longping's proposed "Super hybrid Rice" three production four ' High-yield project ' is also achieved. According to the introduction, the project from 2007 the first batch of 20 counties (urban), each demonstration base 300 mu area, expanded to 2017 53 counties (urban), the actual total area of 15.888 million acres. Throughout the 11-year cumulative, there are 466 counties (urban) to implement the project, the cumulative implementation area of 83.983 million MU, in accordance with the "yield and project before the implementation of 5-year average yield comparison" to calculate the cumulative increase in rice production 9.546 billion kg.

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