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Application Of Clethodim
May 02, 2018

When used in spring soybean field, 300-450ml/ha (20-30ml/mu) is used to spray stem leaves.

When used in rapeseed fields, 225-300ml/ha (15-20ml/mu) is used to spray stem leaves.

1.This product is only effective for the grasses of the gramineae, and it should be mixed with other herbicide herbicides in the field of gramineous and broadleaf weeds

2. This product is a stem leaf treating agent, and soil treatment is ineffective

3. Do not increase the dose of this dose when the oil is in the brassica period

●For crops: Oilseed rape and soybean, etc

●Control object: It can effectively prevent most gramineous weeds in the broad-leaved crop field. Such as barnyard grass,crab grass,green bristlegrass, avena fatua,eleusine indica,Eriochlsa villosa Kunth etc.

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